Hey There, Welcome to this page. Feel free to navigate in its different sections (perpetual drafts). The pages are organized as follows:

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  • The “about” page contains some information about me.
  • The research page will deal with my research activities.
  • The teaching page will show up how a good teacher I expect to be 😉
  • Contact will explain how to include me within your LinkedIn network, follow me on twitter, or simply e-mail me, phone me and how to come to my office.

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Coming soon !

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Rejected / accepted papers and PC Meeting

Hey Hey!

Unfortunately, our paper did not make it to REFSQ 2017 this time. Congrats to the accepted paper, and good luck for the others!

I was at the REFSQ PC meeting a couple of weeks ago, early December and it was a really exciting new experience for me as pat of the community of researchers. And I’m proud and honored to be part of the RE@Next! 2017, a special track of the RE 2017 conference ! So consider to submit there as well !!

Almost forgot, our article on product comparison matrices with Sana, Guillaume, Mathieu, Bosco, Benoit and Jean-Marc was accepted at JSS and should be online.

Sana Ben Nasr, Guillaume Bécan, Mathieu Acher, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Nicolas Sannier, Benoit Baudry, Jean-Marc Davril:
Automated extraction of product comparison matrices from informal product descriptions. Journal of Systems and Software 124: 82-103 (2017)

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The SVV Lab is hiring!

As mentioned in the title, our group is hiring great and highly motivated PhD Students with a strong background in Software engineering (Model-driven Engineering, Software testing, Search-Based software Engineering, Business-process Modeling, data mining, software analysis, etc.) willing to contribute to the research activities of the group in one of its projects in the following areas: testing of critical systems, analytics and decision support in FinTech (technology for Financial Services) and RegTech (technology for regulatory compliance and legal conformance).

More on the following link: phd-thesis-svv-lab

Nicolas Sannier (
Mehrdad Sabetzadeh (

Feel free to share the link!

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When summer rhymes with …

Proposals! Submitted three partnership proposals during July and August … Fingers crossed now.

Submissions! (part 1) Fortunately, I did not submitted to ICSE. Like it or not, ICSE is not my favorite place. I acknowledge it is the place to be. It is the place to present your ideas and meet people. But it is not the place where Legal requirements, legal compliance, and more generally requirements engineering has a true chance to go in. And, to be honest, if we have a look to the trend of papers that were accepted in the last years, it is not really encouraging, for me at last.

Submissions! (part 2) For RE matters, better consider REFSQ 2017 that will be in Essen next year! Submission deadlines are approaching. Abstract are due on Sept. 26th, full papers on Oct. 3rd!

Hope to see you there! REFSQ 2017

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