Fresh update! (from a long time ago…)

Wow! It has been over a year since I posted something. Not that I had nothing to say because we got a paper accepted ar RE’17, I’ve been part of RE@Next’17 PC and I will be part of it again this year!

So if you want to make me happy, please submit to RE@Next! with fresh, inspiring ideas that will thrill me 😉

So let’s make a list of good and good things that happened over the last year. In chronological order …

  • Paper accepted at RE’17 (already said)
  • PC member of RE@Next! 2017 (already said)
  • Holidays at home! (Reunion Island) in August (yeah !!! yeah !!! It was for 3 years and half, so … it was about time!
  • RE paper presented in Lisbon! (28° vs 5° when back in Luxembourg, and sick as hell because of the temperature shift in Lisbon between outdoor conditions and air conditioning
  • PC member for REFSQ’18 in Utrecht (marvelous place)
  • PC member for the NLP4RE event in Utrecht (yeah!)
  • PC member of the forthcoming RE@Next! 2018 (yeah!)

and …

and … Almost forgot.

We got our FNR Public2 proposal submitted in September and accepted in December!!!! (this means a bunch of money to increase our work on legal text analysis, this means more NLP, more work, more fun, more …

It’s going to be a busy busy year, as always 😉

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UL Press release for ARMLET

A press release by the university on our current collaboration with the government of Luxembourg, more precisely the Central Legislation Service (SCL – Service central de législation).

press release

(Apologies but the post is slightly backdated 😉 )

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Rejected / accepted papers and PC Meeting

Hey Hey!

Unfortunately, our paper did not make it to REFSQ 2017 this time. Congrats to the accepted paper, and good luck for the others!

I was at the REFSQ PC meeting a couple of weeks ago, early December and it was a really exciting new experience for me as pat of the community of researchers. And I’m proud and honored to be part of the RE@Next! 2017, a special track of the RE 2017 conference ! So consider to submit there as well !!

Almost forgot, our article on product comparison matrices with Sana, Guillaume, Mathieu, Bosco, Benoit and Jean-Marc was accepted at JSS and should be online.

Sana Ben Nasr, Guillaume Bécan, Mathieu Acher, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Nicolas Sannier, Benoit Baudry, Jean-Marc Davril:
Automated extraction of product comparison matrices from informal product descriptions. Journal of Systems and Software 124: 82-103 (2017)

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