Back from Sweden

It was a pretty nice week in Sweden. Actually, I was fearing cold temperatures but the weather was really smooth during the week.

So, back from REFSQ !

It was, as usual, a very nice moment, with an exceptional end of conference as our paper received the best paper award of the conference. I was considering to keep that information secret to the folks in Luxembourg, but, eventually, the secret did not survive more than one hour … to bad.

Apart from this, I’ve learned to love and hate the definitive expression of the conference. Thanks to Sarah Gregory from Intel, we’ve learned that the best answer a requirements analyst can provide in terms of tools or solutions recommandation is … “It depends !” This conference should be held some in Normandy, it would fit perfectly to the clichĂ© of people from Normandy always saying (“ptet ben qu’oui, pet ben qu’non”, maybe yes, maybe no) 😀

It reminds me of this (pretty old) paper from Dan Berry “the inevitable pain of software development: why there is no silver bullet” (2002) (link) and why at IREB, and in the few lessons I gave, the most important thing is to provide a toolbox whose tools will provide the right (instead of good) means for a given situation.

Hope to get back soon with pretty other news. It will depend of so many things.

Before I close this post, please consider to submit at the beginning of Fall to REFSQ 2017 🙂

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Paper Accepted @REFSQ’2016

Our paper

  • Nicolas Sannier, Morayo Adedjouma, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh and Lionel Briand
    “Automated Classification of Legal Cross References Based on Semantic Intent”

has been accepted at REFSQ’2016!

I will present it mid-March during the conference in Gothenburg (Sweden).

1st time for me in Sweden!
I missed RE’14 in Karlskrona and ASE’14 in VĂ€sterĂ„s (basically the Baltic Sea). Now I’ll go for the other side and the North Sea.
Hope the weather will be nice in March (not too cold, not rainy), apparently the venue seems really nice ;).

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Article accepted @REJ

Our article:
An Automated Framework for Detection and Resolution of Cross References in Legal Texts” co-authored with Morayo Adedjouma, Mike Sabetzadeh and Lionel Briand was accepted for publication in the RE Journal.

Hope I can provide a little more and a link quite soon 🙂

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