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@ESIR – Université de Rennes 1

* Requirements Engineering (feb. 2013) for 2nd year engineers students at ESIR engineers school in Rennes. A full 10 hours long course of introduction to Requirements Engineering, which is part of the MDI module (Industrial -Software- Development Methods).

Course Material:
1- Requirements Engineering Basics
2- Eliciting Requirements Specifying Requirements
3- Modeling Requirements – Requirements Validation and Verification
4- Requirements Management- Requirements Traceability and Variability 

@ISTIC – Université de Rennes 1

* Requirements Engineering (2012) for Masters student in MIAGE students (IDE module): Practical training sessions on Requirements SPecification and Application Lifecycle Management using Polarion

* METH and METH2 (2010) for DU GL/L3 alt MIAGE students:  Practical training sessions on Object-oriented design (UML) and programming (java) and testing (unit testing using JUnit and integration testing using EasyMock)