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The key question to ask for any modelling approach is “what is it good for?”, and the answer should always be in terms of the kind of analysis and reasoning it offers. — Bashar Nuseibeh, Steve M. Easterbrook: Requirements engineering: a roadmap.
ICSE – Future of SE Track 2000: 35-46

Research interests

Model-driven Engineering
Requirements Engineering
Systems Engineering
Legal/Regulatory Requirements Conformance
Requirements traceability and Information Retrieval
Natural Language Processing
Variability and Product Configuration
Product Lines Engineering

Anti patterns for Project names – Philosophical useless thinking

There is something strange with acronyms and names that people chose for their projects. Sometimes it may have some interesting impacts:

  • WIP(e) could obviously stand for Work In progress
    WIR(e) could somehow stand for Work In Regress
    However, in some communities, the term wipe is also for obliterated groups (of players), whereas wire would connect things or people… which is obviously one of the cool thing about research.
  • Another antiname for a project is the following one “Horizon”, just like the Horizon 2020 (H-2020) european commission program. I was also involved, in my previous life, in a project named Horizon, which was an IT migration project.
    Let’s consider this. Horizon is the place that you normally can never reach (unless you’re standing in front of a wall).
    First, this could be a funny explanation of why it is so hard to get one H2020 funded, since you cannot reach it.
    Second, this could be an explanation for your always-delayed projects and an anticipation that you will never reach your objectives on time.
    Consequently, I would not recommend any project you want to succeed to be named after “Horizon”.
  • A more positive example. More recently (2012-2014), I was involved in the CONNEXION project. We did achieve some pretty good stuff in this project. However, something I did realize later, one of the project “hidden” goals was also to connect the French Nuclear Industry together and for real, which was not an easy task as most of the partners are sometimes partners, sometimes competitors, sometimes suppliers, sometimes customers, etc. Was it an anticipation of the future merge between Areva NP and EDF?

Definitely, chose your acronyms and names wisely 🙂


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