Invited Talks


  • Automated Generation of Metadata for Luxembourg’s Legal Texts
    (European Council Working Party on E-Law, 31 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium)


  • Traceability in the Nuclear Energy Industry: Challenges and Lessons Learned from an Industrial Project
    (Dagstuhl Research Seminar 15162 on Software and Systems Traceability for Safety-Critical Projects, 12-17 April 2015, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany)


  • Hybridizing Model-driven (Requirements) Engineering and Information Retrieval to Model and Analyze Regulations in the Nuclear Energy Industry
    (SnT Research Seminar, 11 June 2014, SnT – University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Formalizing and Mining Knowledge from Uncontrolled Textual Assets: Two case studies
    (Spirals Software Engineering Seminars – 17 April 2014, Inria Lille – University of Lille, France)



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