The Connexion Metamodel

In this page, you will have some extra png files providing a more epxlicit and readable version of the Connexion metamodel.

This metamodel is built within our collaboration with EDF R&D and have an additional industrial use case within the French industry Ministry project CONNEXION.

Colors represent the different families of concepts of the metamodel. We also propose some  more specific perspectives. Please refere to the papers, in particular MODRE11 and RELAW12, REFSQ’14 or the thesis (in French) if you intend to leverage our work 🙂

I won’t provide the ecore metamodel, it would be too easy and it does belong to EDF R&D and Inria 😉

A short description (in French) is proposed in the annex of my PhD dissertation.

the following pictures describes (clic to enlarge):

0- the complete metamodel (not its current version),
Connexion Metamodel




1- the TypedElement sliced perspective,



2- the Document sliced perspective,



3- the Project sliced perspective,




3′- the Topic sliced perspective,



3”- the Wrapper sliced perspective,




4- the Interaction sliced perspective,


5- the DesignRule sliced perspective,



6- the Justification sliced perspective.


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