Papers Accepted at RE18 and LVI’18 Conferences


This one was a tough one. Initially quite positive about double blind reviews, but it appears that reviewers tend to be much much harsher in their reviews also. If they are still helpulf and insightful, and in fact they were, then still have no problem, but it makes things a bit tougher.

Our paper, on semantic legal metadata extraction, co-authored with Amin Sleimi, Mike Sabetzadeh, Lionel Briand and John Dann from SCL was accepted at RE’18. We’ll have to modify the title so I’ll keep you posted about the final title.

Anyway see you in Banff this summer!!

A second paper, in fact an abstract , was accepted for the 18th Law via the Internet Conference in Florence this fall (11-12 October). More related to professional conferences, with lawyers and government agencies, but still useful. No proceedings to be expected for this one, apart from the one that I will provide soon.


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