see you @RE’2012

Unfortunately, our paper was not accepted to the main RE’12 conference track.

Nevertheless, We will present two workshop papers:

  • at MoDRE’2012 (monday the 24th) about mixing Model-driven Engineering and Information Retrieval to organize and analyze requirements at multiple levels of granularity;
  • at RELAW’2012 (tuesday the 25th) about defining and building themes in nuclear standards.Hope to see you and discuss in Chicago 🙂

About Ptitnic

Réunionnais qui a jeté ses bagages à Rennes où finalement il fait bon vivre. Depuis peu à Luxembourg pour le travail. Venez vous promener au sein du maelström de mon petit univers fait d'elfes, de Bebop, d'intelligence artificielle, des trivialités de la vie qui me passent sous la main et sous les yeux.
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One Response to see you @RE’2012

  1. Ptitnic says:

    OK I’m back ’till the 8th and never make the effort to come here sooner.

    As a debrief, I would say the conference went very well. Once again, congratulations to Pete, Jane, Mike, Mats and every organizers and attendees who made the conference so good. I don’t want to make offense but for my very personal point of view, I was happier than last year in Trento. Maybe it’s also because I have a better understanding of RE community and feel more comfortable than for the past.

    Special thanks to Gunter Mussbacher and Daniel Amyot who chaired MoDRE and RELAW workshops. Hope to have exciting discussion again with you. Thanks to Sepideh (Ottawa), Eero (Finland), AndrĂ© (Henri Tudor – Lux), Nash (MSU), Jeremy (NCSU) , Silvia (Trento) for your discussions and exchanges.

    A few words about French RE community. We’re still very few. there are French speeking researchers but not so many French researchers. We really need to improve that maybe via SPECIEF, maybe via something else. I was a bit surprised to meet Arda (Inria Nice) at MoDRE. There was the publication from Jordi (Atlanmod – Inria Nantes) in the main track who works with Xavier Franch. 4 Inria papers in MoDRE (2 from Benoit, including mine, one from Arda, One from Nelly Bencomo in Paris). It shows how dynamic can be Inria in such topics which are not closely related to its main activities. My own papers are available on my research page 🙂

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