Project Glass

A buzz around Google’s project Glass which proposes to have your own glasses connected with smart services just like the one you have with your favorite digital device (smartphone / tablet / …)

Leveraging best of what is already available for fighters pilots with plane and tactical informations displayed on the helmet’s glass, adding some augmented reality features, eye tracking technologies, voice recognition, webcams and you’ve got a personal smart assistant embedded in a small glass in front of one eye.

Just look exciting and fun !

The first feeling is what?
The second feeling is what?
The third one is still what?
The fourth one is a Ron Simmons’ “Damn!”
The fifth one is that I’m definitely in love with Jessica … (haha)

Thinking about it a bit more seriously, it could be great but …

– One step nearer a volountary digital slavery era, and mainly a google slavery …
– One step nearer a modern Orwell’s 1984
As always, devils is in every excess.

Becoming even more serious. What challenges does this “dream” proposes :
– Augmented reality information intrusion. Worth the evidence that it can be disturbing and needs to be carefully addressed.
– new Human machine interaction paradigms. We have accepted quickly new paradigms like old graphical interfaces, mice, graphical pens, and even more quickly the finger touch of Apple or even the full body with kinnect or wii. New ones are to be learnt for these new use-cases. Eye tracking, voice recognition.
– Miniaturization: They’re not new but need to as less intrusive as possible. Not sure people can accept to live with so exciting services if they have to look like Darth Vader to have them. Eye tracking imposes to have a camera recording your eyes moves and calculate your visual focus area. hard (not impossible) to have such precise and small device in front of you in a nomad activity. Something to do with contact lenses ?
– Autonomy of such devises. Such over-connected devices propose an exciting challenge for green IT.
– Health : You mainly have lots of digital stuff, radio waves very close to your body for a very long time. Just as we still do not have results of actual extensive use of mobile phones on people.


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Réunionnais qui a jeté ses bagages à Rennes où finalement il fait bon vivre. Depuis peu à Luxembourg pour le travail. Venez vous promener au sein du maelström de mon petit univers fait d'elfes, de Bebop, d'intelligence artificielle, des trivialités de la vie qui me passent sous la main et sous les yeux.
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