Back from RE2011

Back from hollydays in Reunion island! It was awesome (obviously) and too short (obviously). One week of preparation and, then, a very long travel to Trento in Italy for RE2011.

Spent the full sunday in the train, in the airport, in the railway station … from Rennes to Paris Charles de Gaulle to Verona and finally Trento. As I was not very confident regarding transports punctuality, I had large margins between each connexions, leading me to wait too much time each time. To my defense, I didn’t want to have any trouble during this very first experience. I am used with planes, trains etc, while going to Reunion Island but it was the first time in this particular professional context and the first in a spoken language (Italian) I don’t speak at all. I was a bit nervous.

Arrived late at the Grand Hotel of Trento after a 11 hours long trip and the workshop scheduled the next day. The workshop went very well. I presented my phd subject and problem as a full research paper. I was not very satisfied of my presentation, but still had interesting discussions during the workshop. I also took some contacts during the conference. I would like to thank Gunter Mussbacher, Ana Moreira, Joao Araujo who were organizing the workshop.

I mainly attended to the industrial tracks and to law and politics workshops and tracks. It was really, really enriching.

Lessons to learn

Lessons to learn: I was assuming I spoke a relatively correct English and felt quite comfortable. I discovered I had to make huge improvements to just feel at ease during a serious discussion. More seriously, It was exciting to meet all these people I was used to read. It’s also really demystifying to meet and discuss with them. I was a bit shy, so I was a bit frustrated as I didn’t take all the opportunities I was given at this moment.

One other thing that amazed me is the capacity to transform a rather straight and ugly Perl script I wrote a few month ago, in a full relevant and consistent article with all the related and validating works coming along. I was used to think that this script only had little added value, in fact, it was not. I won’t reject the big, big work  of this Waterloo’s team that was done writing this article, I won’t have done it because I initially thought it was only little added-value regarding my global focus. I considered it as something you have to do, but not so important in fact. Definitely, I was wrong. While having a quick look on courses on it, I found out that language processing, text-based information retrieval, text mining is still a research question today, whereas I thought that there was existing some kind of smart tools for that. That’s definitely a good lesson for me.

The Triskell’s footprint

The French RE community is pretty small, compared to the huge community coming from Canada or Belgium for instance. I’m aware of people like Camille Salinesi or retired Colette Rolland who are in the conference’s PS, but they didn’t attend to the conference. There are also many other researchers that are dealing with requirements in France, but they are mainly not full part of this community. One funny thing was this regroup of people from Britany, representing the full accepted French speakers of the conference. Dominique Blouin (UBO) from Vannes, Daniel Lucas-Hirz (Exibri), a French Consultant in Requirements Engineering in Rennes, Benoît and me. I will not forget Claude Reyterou (EADS) or Pascal Roques (PRFC) who were attending to the conference but had no papers. Nor won’t I forget Franck Fleurey (SINTEF) a former triskell PhD Student who is now full researcher in Oslo (Norway) who presented a poster about DiVA (where Triskell was involving to), Gilles Perrouin (FUNDP) a former Triskell’s postdoc fellow who was in the publication committee. This leads me to think that RE2011 had a special Britain color while considering the RE’s French attendance.


About Ptitnic

Réunionnais qui a jeté ses bagages à Rennes où finalement il fait bon vivre. Depuis peu à Luxembourg pour le travail. Venez vous promener au sein du maelström de mon petit univers fait d'elfes, de Bebop, d'intelligence artificielle, des trivialités de la vie qui me passent sous la main et sous les yeux.
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