On the universe and Software Engineering

If we consider how computer science evolved for the last decades, we can observe the road we’ve been. Our glorious ancients were a very few, dealing with very complex research concerns but in a few numbers, when computer science was a mix of electronics and mathematics, building what we may say were global foundations of what we’re refining now. This period is not so far from us and the 21st century Man may evolve in a couple of years more than he had for the past decades.

Now, we struggle in our small (but also huge) galaxy named software engineering, where our small system named MDE and its planets such as research project like Triskell in Rennes evolve. Regarding other projects, research teams, every external concept, artifact, tool, methodology may seem like another planet, with its own language, culture, usages and inhabitants.

Computer science seems to follow the same destiny than the universe in its infinite course expending more and more after its Big Bang.

The only difference is that we are the aware agents of this expansion and so will be the next generation of software we’re preparing today.

(Thanks to Noel Plouzeau, the original author of this funny concept)


About Ptitnic

Réunionnais qui a jeté ses bagages à Rennes où finalement il fait bon vivre. Depuis peu à Luxembourg pour le travail. Venez vous promener au sein du maelström de mon petit univers fait d'elfes, de Bebop, d'intelligence artificielle, des trivialités de la vie qui me passent sous la main et sous les yeux.
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